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By October 12, 2011pfmmj Journey

As founder of Patients for Medical Marijuana I have personally been affected by many of the positive medicinal uses of medical marijuana. With this being said I am actively working on doing more for patients that have a weakened immune system due to illness. I am currently working on an application development project that will revolutionize the way batch tracking is done for the medical marijuana industry. The application will be able to track batches of marijuana that is cultivated from the moment it starts the germination process to the day it is sold to a patient. My goal is to make dispensaries responsible for keeping tabs on all of the nutrients and chemicals that are used during the cultivation of medical marijuana. From time to time patients will be allergic from a nutrient that was used during the cultivation of the medicine. I would like patients to have the ability to ask the dispensary for a detailed report of all the chemicals and nutrients that were used during the cultivation process. Reports can be delivered to physicians when requested to help determine the cause of the allergic reaction.

Where I am with the process

I have currently engaged I few different people to help me with this application development project. Last week I flew to California to meet with an application architect. He has expressed interest in the project and will more than likely be the lead architect on the project. Things are moving in the right direction. I am 85% done with my business plan and I have already completed the following marketing tasks:

  • Created a name for my company
  • Created a logo
  • Launched a website
  • Launched a blog site
  • Launched a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn social pages
  • Created a 30 second promotional video

The company has already started to get some notoriety within the industry. I am confident that I will be able to reach my goal of getting the application in production by the end of 2012. There are many hurdles that stand in front of me but I am willing and able to tackle these issues one at a time.

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