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Quantum 9 : Marijuana Point of Sale Software

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Quantum 9 helps cultivation owners determine a optimized cultivation feeding and watering schedule to maximize the amount of medicinal marijuana harvested per plant. Their expert medical marijuana consulting team will help cultivators maximize profits by determining the best equipment and nutrient mixtures to  produce large quantities of medicine.

Quantum 9: Medical Marijuana Technology

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WeedMaps aquires MMJMenu

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 by Erick Schonfeld

In the small but budding legal medical marijuana industry, WeedMaps has the munchies for acquisitions (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Fresh off its $4.2 million bong hit in November, WeedMaps’ parent company, Canada’s General Cannabis, announced today its acquisition MMJMenu.

Terms were not disclosed. It was an asset-sale, though, so it probably wasn’t much. General Cannabis, which is publicly traded over the counter in Canada (OTCBB: CANA), (OTCQX: CANA), reported $10.4 million in revenues for the first nine months of 2011, and it only had $1.4 million in cash. WeedMaps accounts for 82 percent of its revenues.

MMJMenu provides back-end enterprise software for medical marijuana dispensaries. The software handles everything from patient management to inventory control to checkout at point of sale. Medical marijuana dispensaries are highly regulated. Emblazoned on MMJMenu’s homepage is its key selling point:

mmjmenu is the best choice for medical marijuana business owners that want to stay compliant with state laws & regulations.

WeedMaps is the “Yelp for medical marijuana dispensaries.” Now it will be able to offer these businesses enterprise software as well as advertising services. MMJMenu claims “hundreds” of medical marijuana business customers “in California, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Washington as well as in Canada.”

CNBC Marijuana USA

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Source CNBC


More states are permitting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and the Obama administration has signaled relaxed enforcement of the industry in those states. Now, a new generation of marijuana entrepreneurs has emerged across America. They come from the unlikely fields of finance, politics, medicine and law, and they want to claim a stake in this modern day gold rush.

CNBC’s “Marijuana USA” goes inside a flourishing medical pot industry. In Colorado, the demon weed is rebranded as a natural herbal remedy with healing powers that even respectable citizens can enjoy. We meet two restaurant owners who are about to launch a new line of cannabis-infused edibles. And, we’ll go inside a clinic where marijuana is almost always the doctor’s order.

In this bold new era of greater marijuana acceptance, the business still remains in violation of federal laws. But, the entrepreneurs have asked to be regulated, licensed and taxed – just like any other trade. After more than seventy years as an illegal drug, is it possible that marijuana’s moment has arrived?

the journey continues

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Developing an application can be a huge project. From website to application development the process is daunting. To capture the most important features first I have selected to start with the mobile application. I have completed 38 screens so far and I’m projecting to mock up 100-125 more. Since the name delta 9 has been used to death I am leaning towards Quantum 9. I had a long conversation with an advanced grower that blogs heavily on TCH Farmer and he mentioned the ability to derive at a quantum state for light measurements. I have started working on the website now and should have some compositions up shortly. Here is a sneak peak at what the mobile home screen will look like.

Quantum 9 Mobile Home Page

What is an F1, F2, and IBL?

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An IBL (inbred line) is a genetically homogeneous strain that grows uniformly from seed.

A hybrid is a strain made up of two genetically unlike parents, IBL or hybrid.

When you cross two different IBL strains for the FIRST time, it is called the F1 generation. When you cross two of the same F1 hybrid (inbreed), it is called the F2 generation.

The process of selective inbreeding must continue at least until the F4 to stabilize the recurrently selected traits. When you cross two specimens of an IBL variety, you get more of the same, because an IBL is homozygous, or true breeding for particular traits.

(Source: THCFarmer)

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