Denver Debates Medical Marijuana Ad Ban

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DENVER – Denver City Council is considering banning nearly all outdoor advertisements for medical marijuana dispensaries.

The council will vote Monday night after taking public testimony earlier in the day.

The ban aims to get rid of billboards, bus bench signs and signs along the street. Many dispensary owners are fine with banning certain types of advertisements, but feel a blanket ban goes too far and is unclear.

Kristi Kelly is co-founder of the Good Meds Network, a local chain of medical marijuana dispensaries. She says she is in favor of banning forms of advertisements that the community finds offensive or are inappropriate for children.

She says she was originally in favor of the ban, but changed her mind when the proposed ordinance became an all-out ban on outdoor public advertisements.

Councilman Chris Herndon, the co-sponsor of the ordinance, says there are only three exceptions to the ban:

1. The businesses can still advertise in print publications or newsletters.
2. The businesses can have a sign on the building or on the property.
3. The businesses can sponsor non-profit events.

Thirteen council members voted in favor of the proposal Monday night.

A final vote will be taken at their next meeting on August 20.

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